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Aluminium Cladding Solutions

There are many different types of metal cladding assemblies.

The range of assemblies can vary from a single sheet wall found in farm or agricultural type buildings, to sophisticated composite materials and panel assemblies. Wall cladding offers an affordable, attractive solution to protecting your building.

There are more than 190 standard colours as well that can be used to provide for complete architectural expression. Metal cladding systems easily blend with other building materials to add to the architectural scheme of a building’s overall appearance.

Wall cladding assemblies are a durable and economical solution to almost any building.

Wall cladding offers the versatility and flexibility that other building materials cannot offer. The application can be as simple or as complicated and challenging as the designer requires. Through the use of a long list of available profiles, gauges and colours a designer is only limited by imagination.

The cavity between the cladding and wall vapour barrier can be sized to accommodate as much thermal insulation as required. This cavity can also be used as a source for solar wall heating.