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Sarapin Investments

Bearing Corporation is situated in the heart of Edenvale, TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions was contracted with the expectation to restore and give the office block a sleek modern look. This project was designed by TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions. The project was one of the best challenges we have encountered due to the complex shape (heptagon) of the building as well as size. To be awarded the order was monumental for TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions. Upon completion of the first phase the client was happy with what TMS Cladding had produced and decided to clad the second phase of the project (Warehouse).TMS replaced the old corrugated PVC sheeting with perforated aluminum composite panels which added a feature to the building.

The panel design was unlike anything that TMS had ever experienced before with varying angles, shapes and sizes. The attention to detail, innovation of methods and creativity that was required to successfully complete this project was a welcomed challenge and one that we knew we could accomplish.

Again this building became the talk of town and has not only increased the value of the building but the value of the buildings in the area.