South Africa




Super Spar



This particular project stands out due to the varying applications as well as the diverse array of colours that were required for its completion. TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions was contracted to design, supply and install the wall cladding, aluminum composite panels.

The composite panel covering the front entrance of the building has an eye catching grid like design that offers the building a modern and artistic feel. This is the first Superspar of its kind to be unleashed.

Our fabrication team / installers and project manager worked as a cohesive unit to minimize the time it would have taken, to complete the project in as little time as possible as to prevent customer interference to the store. Our fabrication shop and installers worked as a cohesive unit to ensure that products were on site when they were needed. Any lag time between fabrication and installation would cause delay on the project and ultimately extend what was already a large and time consuming project.