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Saturn Auto Body

Saturn Auto Body is situated in Gezina (Pretoria) in a one of the busiest streets (Ben Swart). This project was designed by TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions it was a pleasure working on this building as we were offered the opportunity to show case our talent. A crisp clean look was archived with the use of horizontally laid aluminum composite panels. The building gives the effect that it is actually larger than it was. The entrance canopy, feature box were clad with Diamond black aluminum composite panel finish with a granite look alike. To complete the unique design we topped it up with large aluminum composite flower ports at the main entrance of the building.

The gate was covered with aluminum composite panels to complete the flowing look.

We also introduced the continuous aluminum screening louvres to cover the old looking windows of the building. This building not only stands out amongst others in the vicinity but also provides visual pleasure to motorists driving by.

This project is unique to the city and to TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions alike. Due to the nature of business at Saturn Auto Body receiving numerous vehicle repair bookings on a daily basis we had to reduce the amount of scaffolding on site which in turn slowed the installation progress down as we understood that our client has to book in as many cars as possible our team had to work longer hours and weekends to try and reduce the actual time it would of taken given the parking space challenges. The client initially wanted to paint the building. In order to ensure that the panels would be perfect for the project, TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions employed 3D modeling techniques to design and build each panel to its unique specifications. TMS Cladding and Louvre Solution’s drive for excellence together with their ability to use 3D modeling made this project possible.