Mintro is an exciting decorative wall panel system that comes in a wide range of natural and modern designs. Extremely realistic imitation brick, slate, stone and wood are the flagship designs that bring a natural feel to any space, large or small.

The benefit of this type of cladding is not only limited to the looks but the installation method and ability to cover a large area in one day. This material is moulded from a class B1 Fire resistant material.

Mintro has many unique properties, which contribute to its strength, durability, weight to strength ratio, nontoxic, ease of manufacture and its performance under stringent fire and impact tests.

Mintro is essentially an organic composite ideally suited for hand or spray lamination to create lightweight cladding systems. The process of lamination is similar to that employed in the manufacture of laminates (GRG). Mintro can be used as a casting compound with none of the difficulties associated with many other materials. Mintro has many unique properties.

These contribute to its strength, durability, weight to strength ratio, nontoxic, ease of manufacture and its ability to comply with many of the necessary test requirements of the construction industry, specifically those in regard to performance in fire and performance under impact.

Mintro has a low toxicity both in its component parts and in its manufacturing process. Its potential uses are wide-ranging and could effectively replace much GRG, GRC and GRP in many of the situations where those materials are now used, both internally and externally. In comparison with GRC, Mintro offers much greater versatility as a panelized cladding system in that the manufacturing tolerance can be much tighter. Special or 'one off's' units can be easily produced alongside standard run and if site tolerances have not been strictly observed the panels can be 'humoured' to fit and made good on site. Of great significance is the material's high strength to weight ratio which allows for much lighter fixing systems and sub grids. All these attributes contribute towards further potential savings having started with a material which has already cost advantages over alternatives.

Mintro is wholly resistant to chemical attack and possesses a high resistance to ultraviolet degradation. It can therefore be used in situation where other materials would suffer.