FAW South Africa - Isando

Our Solution:

When TMS was presented with the chance to correct the builders imperfections we jumped at the opportunity for two reasons. Firstly it was a challenge our company had never taken on. Secondly it allowed us the opportunity to prove that TMS is capable of making things happen as many other contractors believed it was impossible to curve a panel to follow the shape that the wall had already taken and correcting the flushness of the final product at the same time.

Once site measurements were taken and preliminary sketches, designs and requirements discussed our joined together to brainstorm how production and installation would commence. We understood that the fabrication of each panel had to be done carefully and precisely as the wall was not flat and straight and we had to ensure that we do not produce the same end result as the wall.

Failing to have a plan would only result in wasted time, efforts and materials. Failing to plan was planning to fail and we knew this was not an option.

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TMS Cladding and Louvre Solutions Pty Ltd is a BBBEE level 3 Contributor and was established to fabricate and install Aluminum Composite Material throughout South Africa and other neighboring countries.

TMS Solutions boast a quick lead time in that we do not outsource any services, all skills required to carry out our services are in house, and therefore allow us to plan and control our projects.